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Avenues to wealth is a company that works leveraging the internet using e-commerce, uses people networks to create discount opportunities and pays for referrals, it is a 21st Century, Network Marketing company. This means rather than spend their advertising and distributorship budgets on big companies and plenty of employees, they have decided to run lean, and spend the money on you! The company calls it’s members distributors and provides a whole range of products and services that have one principal intention… to create more Avenues to Wealth for you!

1 – Free complimentary holiday with locations in the US, Asia and Mexico, this can be used by you or used to package a deal for your friends while you charge creatively.

2 – Best deals on travel ( hotels, short cruises, taxis etc), this can be used by you, or you can use this to package a deal for others and make money. People have made money from this, it’s real! The margins are sometimes breathtaking. There is an opportunity going on per time.

3 – Free download and some resell rights to e-books worth over $3000 on various topics. You can read these to add value to yourself, and you can resell to friends and make good income. People have made money from this as well, quite some thousands of dollars as you can sell one book to 1,000 people if you want.

4 – Discounts on Healthcare – A2W has partnered with a group of hospitals in Asia to provide hugely discounted Healthcare service to A2W distributors. You can arrange this opportunity for others profitably, and you can use them for your family. The company also has discounted health insurance packages for some countries like Nigeria. This way you can fix the budget for your health per year.

5 – Discounts on the purchase of other products and services – A2W partners with companies in each country who are able to offer their distributors discounts on their products and services. This can help you make savings on your expenses, or can translate directly income when you resell to friends at win-win prices.

6 – You get access to investment opportunities – both locally and Internationally. We have the person who won the award for best managed foreign fund in 2011 investing for us, we have one of the best Real Estate Experts in the world advising for our Global Property Alliance, and we have a local escrow account in the guise of a cooperative where we can grow our smaller funds. You can grow your money!

7 – Free advertisement of your products and services to ALL A2W distributors worldwide, as long as you offer your products/services at a discounted rate. This is a market opportunity you can plug into and earn well from.

8. You also get an opportunity to build a team of friends and family you have introduced into this amazing opportunity and earn in return not just points, but dollars. You can earn this weekly on Monday mornings as your team develops. This is real, and by far the fairest model in town! This is not a reward of the company, it’s a reward for smart work, if you do what it takes, you’ll get what is promised. It’s totally optional!

9 – ALL Expense paid luxurious vacations for top performers in the company – flight, accommodation, feeding, taxis.etc…all paid for. This is not a product of the company, it’s a reward you can win if you do what it takes!

You get access to ALL the above for JUST $330/£220/N55,000. There are no monthly fees to pay and nothing else to pay again for the next 1 year! The next time to pay anything will be 1 year from when you joined to renew your privilege pack, and consequently your membership. You also don’t need to carry around bags or stock products in your house, you have access to all you own via a website with exclusive password access.

You can decide to refer others to A2W and this is where you start building a business for yourself. The company pays you handsomely when you do this…working with only 4 people, who also refer 4 each, who also teach those 4 to refer 4 each will earn you $17,000,000 in the next 10 months or in the next 10 years depending on if you want to build your 4 in 1 month or in 1yr!.

To join, you will need to click on start now from here , fill the form and for more information on the business.

BUT, make sure you get their commitment to support you BEFORE you make ANY payment. This business works only when you take responsibility, and we all learn by example. Anyone not ready to work with you and teach you to teach others, does not deserve you.

There is also a lot of support available for you to help build your team, so you are really never alone. Online and offline, meetings go on daily, weekly, morning and night. You only need to plug-in into any support structure you are comfortable with, and the sky… is a starting point!

BB: 21AA4717

Olutaller Akinwole

Olutaller Akinwole

Food Technologist | Transport Manager | Digital Marketing Consultant | Web Developer | Netpreneur | Fashion Entrepreneur and loving Prompt Engineering.


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