Become Everything You Are Capable of Becoming – Brian Tracy

The turning point in my life came when I discovered the law of cause and effect, the great law of the universe, and human destiny. I learned that everything happens for a reason. I discovered that success is not an accident. Failure is not an accident, either. I also discovered that people who are successful in any area usually are those who have learned the cause-and-effect relationship between what they want and how to get it.

Determine Your Personal Growth and Development Values

To realize your full potential for personal and professional growth and development, begin with your values as they apply to your own abilities. As you know, your values are expressed in your words and actions.

You can tell what your values are by looking at what you do and how you respond to the world around you. Your values are the root causes of your motivations and your behaviors.

Clarify Your Personal Growth and Development Vision

Create a long-term vision for yourself in the area of personal growth. Project forward five or ten years and imagine that you are developed fully in every important part of your life. Idealize and see yourself as outstanding in every respect. Refuse to compromise on your personal dreams.

Set Goals for Your Personal Growth and Development

Now take your vision and crystallize it into specific goals. Here is a good way to start. Take out a piece of paper and write down ten goals that you would like to achieve in the area of personal and professional development in the months and years ahead. Write in the present tense, exactly as if you were already the person you intend to be.

Determine exactly what you want to be able to do. Decide who you want to become. Describe exactly what you will look like when you become truly excellent in your field and in your personal life.

Upgrade Your Personal Knowledge and Skills

Set specific measures for each of your goals. If your goal is to excel in your field, determine how you will know when you have achieved it. Decide how you can measure your progress and evaluate your success.

Perhaps you can use as a measure the number of hours you study in your field each week. Perhaps you can measure the number of books you read or the number of audio programs you listen to. Perhaps you could measure your progress by the number of sales you make as the result of your growing skills.

Develop Winning Personal Growth and Development Habits

Select the specific habits and behaviors you will need to practice every day to become the person you want to become. These could be the habits of clarity, planning, thoroughness, studiousness, hard work, determination, and persistence.

Action Exercise

Decide today to develop yourself to the point where you can achieve every financial and personal goal you ever set and become everything you are capable of becoming. Write down your goals and make sure to look at them every day, then ponder ways you possibly achieve these goals.

Brian Tracy

Attitude vs. Aptitude – Brian Tracy

Did you know that a major source of stress in your life is the “fear of rejection” or “fear of criticism?” 
This fear of rejection manifests itself in an over-concern for the approval or disapproval of your boss or other people. The fear of rejection is often learned in early childhood as the result of a parent giving the child what psychologists call “conditional love.” 

Rise Above the Need For Approval

Many parents made the mistake of giving love and approval to their children only when their children did something that they wanted them to do. A child who has grown up with this kind of conditional love tends to seek for unconditional approval from others all his or her life. When the child becomes an adult, this need for approval from the parent is transferred to the workplace and onto the boss. The adult employee can then become preoccupied with the opinion of the boss. This preoccupation can lead to an obsession to perform to some undetermined high standard.

Avoid Type A Behavior

Doctors Rosenman and Friedman, two San Francisco heart specialists, have defined this obsession for performance as “Type A behavior.” Experts have concluded that approximately 60% of men and as many as 30% of women are people with Type A behavior.

Action Strategies for Personal Achievement

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Don’t Burn Yourself Out

This Type A behavior can vary from mild forms to extreme cases. People who are what they call “true Type A’s” usually put so much pressure on themselves to perform in order to please their bosses that they burn themselves out. They often die of heart attacks before the age of 55. This Type A behavior, triggered by conditional love in childhood, is a very serious stress-related phenomenon in the American workplace.

Action Exercises 

Here are two things you can do immediately to deal with the fear of rejection, criticism and disapproval.
First, realize and accept that the opinions of others are not important enough for you to feel stressed, unhappy or over concerned about them. Even if they dislike you entirely, it has nothing to do with your own personal worth and value as a person.
Second, refuse to be over concerned about what you think people are thinking about you. The fact is that most people are not thinking about you at all. Relax and get on with your life.

Written by,
Brian Tracy

Taking the Fear Out of Investing – Kim Kiyosaki

How you can work hard to retire well

When I started down the investor path I honestly did not even know what the word investing meant. I had a very steep learning curve ahead of me.
I started with real estate. That made the most sense to me. I bought my first rental property in 1989. It was a small, cute, two-bedroom, one-bath rental house in Portland, Oregon. It was only two blocks away from where we lived. I have to tell you, it was the most frightening thing I had ever faced. I was scared to death. I was worried. I was afraid of making mistakes that would cost us money. I really didn’t know what to expect.
I was ecstatic when after my first month of ownership I received a whopping $25 in cash flow from that property. I was hooked at that moment. Today, I control many millions of dollars worth o f real estate, as well as other investments. And

it’s through my investments – which throw off ample amounts of cash flow every month – that I am completely financially free and independent today.

Buying and holding
When many women hear the word “investing,” they think of mutual funds, or stocks and bonds, not real estate. The buying and selling of houses seems daunting, but investing in real estate doesn’t necessarily entail multiple transactions. It’s about buying and holding, not buying and selling.
What retiring is and isn’t
When Robert and I retired, we didn’t just retire to the poolside with margaritas in hand. That year we bought an 85-acre ranch in a small town called Bisbee. Bisbee is an artsy community up in the mountains of Southern Arizona. There was a broken down shack on the property that was actually an old stagecoach depot in the days of the Wild West. We rebuilt it into a wonderful one-bedroom house with a separate artist’s studio on the stream. There was no TV, no radio…only peace and quiet.
Rich Dad Poor Dad
It was in the quiet of Bisbee that Robert wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad. In April of 1997, we self-published Rich Dad Poor Dad, printing 1,000 copies of the book. To be honest, we thought we’d have Christmas presents to last us the next ten years. No bookstore wanted the book. No distributor would touch it. No wholesaler would even return our calls. So we began marketing it ourselves. The first place we had the book for sale was in our friend’s car wash. We put it wherever we could. The book slowly started to sell. Word of mouth spread, and within two yearsRich Dad Poor Dad was on The Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list. We were high as kites!
Frankly, we did not set out to build another company, but The Rich Dad Company has now grown beyond our wildest expectations. Today the book is in over 46 languages and in over 50 countries. CASHFLOW® 101 is in 16 languages, and counting. There is a complete series of Rich Dad books as well as a series of Rich Dad Advisors books, written by people who advise us on investing and business. The business has grown and continues to grow into a worldwide brand representing financial freedom and independence. No one is more overjoyed and grateful than Robert and me.
I don’t know if most people would be willing to go through what Robert and I endured to get where we are today. We took the hard road—the road most people avoid—in exchange for what we anticipated would become the easier road in the future. Fortunately that course of action paid off for us.
On women and investing
In talking with so many women I’ve met because of The Rich Dad Company, I’m repeatedly asked, “Will you please talk to women about investing?” Very simply, my goal is to inspire women to take action and to understand that becoming financially independent is not rocket science.
Any one of us can do it. It just takes some time and education.
Today, more than ever, we, as women, can no longer depend on someone else, be it our husband or partner, our parents, our boss, or our government, to take care of us financially. What was true for our mothers and grandmothers is not applicable to us today. In my opinion women must learn to invest to ensure a secure life for themselves and their children. It is no longer just an option. The rules have changed, and it’s time we take control of our financial futures.
This starts with financial education and then acting on that education. And, it starts today.
Don’t hesitate. Join our free, financial education community here to start your journey towards financial freedom.
Written by: Kim Kiyosaki