Online Data Entry Jobs – Top 4 Legitimate Home Based Data Entry Jobs

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Because of the growing number of companies downsizing or sending work offshore, online data entry jobs are becoming more accepted. Here are a few of the home based data entry jobs you can find online.

Choosing the type of data entry jobs online you prefer is only limited by the experience and skills you have, and the type of work you enjoy. There are many home based data entry jobs to choose from. You can concentrate on transcription of materials from legal or medical environments. You can transcribe interviews, author’s notes or other audio or video tapes to the written form. If you prefer secretarial duties, you can take dictation, compose and type letters and other formal communication. Many companies have comprehensive database records for employees, customers or inventory purposes. Keeping track of changes to the records can be a great job for a detail oriented person.


Transcription work of various types is one of the more common online data entry jobs available. Audio files can be delivered to the home worker by various methods online. MPG files is just one example. The worker then listens to short bursts of the audio file and transfers the spoken word to the document. The completed document is then faxed, emailed or mailed back to the originator. This type of system works well for medical transcription, legal transcription, interviews, general dictation, notes for research or other work. Some types of transcription may require additional training in terminology.


Standard secretarial work can be contracted to workers willing to do online data entry jobs. This type of home based data entry jobs includes composing, typing, formatting and mailing (emailing) letters and memos from standardized forms or from audio files sent by the client. Experience as a secretary in a real-time office will be helpful in this type of data entry job, but not always required. Some secretarial work even involves contacting potential customers and setting up appointments, then tracking the results of the appointment. It is more common to use secretarial online services than some of the other types of online data entry.

Data Base Management

Online data entry jobs in the field of data base management are numerous and growing steadily. These are often routine tasks that do not require significant training. The training that is required can be completed through an online manual or emailed instructions. Accuracy is critical, as in any type of contract work. Such work is found through posting sites found on the internet, or by contacting a company directly. More and more large organizations are posting jobs of all types on the internet. Brokers often collect many clients looking for contract labor and then subcontract data entry work to others.


Bookkeeping and accounting jobs are often found as online data entry jobs. Sometimes these jobs require a higher level of knowledge than the beginner will typically understand, but since many accounting software systems are highly automated nowadays, it is likely that parts of such jobs can be contracted out to home workers. Accuracy is always critical, but when it comes to tracking expenses for the company, there is no such thing as being too careful. Other data entry work opportunities will undoubtedly be developed as the online work concept becomes more widely known and more commonplace.

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