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There are a great number of possibilities when it comes to work from home online jobs. There are numerous different freelance opportunities, including but not limited to:

• Data Entry,
• Graphic Design,
• Photography,
• Transcription
• Writing.

Each and every one of these work from home online jobs can be researched and then carried out entirely on line.

One of the most common work from home online jobs is that of participating in online surveys. With surveys you may choose from dozens of companies that will compensate you in one form or another. If you only have a short time each day and are just looking for a minor supplement to your income by working from home online, then there are short surveys with modest compensation available. If you have time to kill because you are nearly always home you might well choose to select to participate with dozens of companies. Some with substantial payouts. Some will pay you x-amount of dollars for taking a survey if you qualify. If you don’t qualify for that particular survey you will still be entered into a drawing or receive redeemable points.

One particularly reputable survey is the Carol Adams NFO MySurvey. This survey allows you to participate with meaningful input into areas important to most of us such as health and new product information. You earn a given number of points for each survey you qualify to participate in. After accumulating a certain number of points you may:

Turn them in for cash

Choose from merchandise or gift cards from a large number of retailers
Buy raffle tickets for large prizes and simply by participating you are entered into a daily drawing for prizes for the day you participated.

Donate points to charity

This particular survey offering is open to just about anyone. Who is selected to participate will depend on the demographics the company commissioning the survey wishes to target.

There are so many survey companies out there that allow you to do work at home online that it is almost unbelievable. The fact is, unless you have hours per day to devote to surveys, you might have to turn down several companies.

While is open to most anyone working from home online, there are others that are very specifically targeted toward specific demographic groups. Some surveys will want information that is:

• Hispanic oriented
• African American oriented
• Based on sexual orientation
• Religious background
• Likely voters whether: democrat, independent, or republican
• Senior citizen oriented

Essentially if you want to earn money for work at home online, you simply need to determine how much time you have to devote, how much you want to make and then starting answering those questions. If you start to get e-mails that look like either or surveys: Coke or Pepsi, McDonald’s or Burger King, IGNORE them. Over a period of time you will learn what companies you are comfortable working with and which ones you consider to be worth your time. So go ahead and start earning money online.

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