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I read somewhere recently that the fear of Ebola is the begining of wisdom, the fact that people now crack different jokes with the situation, stories that crops up daily and how fearful Nigerians have suddenly become is worrisome.
While we need to spread information about the virus, also we need to constantly remind ourself that fear kills three times as much as death! Many who fall from a high tower die before impact with the ground. Death kills fast, but fear has torment! While Ebola is dangerous and terminal, fear is lethal and boundless. While Ebola victims have a chance of survival, ignorance leaves fewer options. Don’t let the fear of Ebola kill you before Ebola. Get the facts right.

Here are the key facts you need.

1. What is Ebola? It’s a hemorrhagic fever – the victims bleed from all over and bleed to death. It is contagious; being transmitted via contact with body fluids such as blood, saliva, semen or body discharges. It’s deadly, but there is a chance of survival. It kills 60-90% of those who contact it. Ebola victims can be treated for the symptoms and some can recover.
2. There are only 3 ways you can get Ebola – Contact with someone who is VISIBLY Infected, Contact with a Dead Body or Contact with an animal carrying the virus e.g. A bat or a monkey that is not very well cooked.
3. The symptoms are quite similar to Malaria or Flu. – Honestly, it’s difficult to tell the differences with many regular diseases. Sudden High temperature, Headache, diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach ache, loss of appetite, weakness, joint or muscle ache, lack of appetite, sore throat, hiccups, cough, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing and bleeding. Honestly, this means not much is known yet, as these are regular things sick people generally experience. This is where you really need to ensure you don’t fall Ill, because even healers are saying there is no distance in the spirit, and you can be prayed for from a distance. Now, you really need to know God personally.
4. To protect yourself, do the following – Be Educated, Stay away from dead bodies, Ensure you have no open sores. Sleep with only your faithful spouse. Ebola is not airborne. It’s transferred by fluid transfers. Personally, I think all this sanitization and cleaning is generally good for cleanliness, and the excessive drive of it profit driven… and Salt water for bathing or drinking is not going to help you. Neither with John G Lake or Bitter Kola… you can Google the three of them.
5. If you see someone you suspect has Ebola call this number – It’s a national issue! 0800 32652 4357 – It’s a toll FREE number!
Olutaller Akinwole

Olutaller Akinwole

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