Has your New Year Started?

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The year does not start for everyone on the first of January. It starts
on the day you wake up to the responsibilities of the new year. There is
an adage that says, “your morning starts, when you wake up”.

The purpose of the calibration of time into, days, weeks, months and
years, is so that we can measure time and our progress in time. It’s
never a new year for you, until there is a new you. Your year doesn’t
start until you have new goals, new objectives and you have clarity
about what you are up to. Trust me, 10yrs can be history in a whiff,
what makes time useful is not counting it,

it’s making every second

Let me challenge you a bit.

1. One out of the 52 weeks is gone and is forever not redeemable, what did you do with it? Is it lost or did you gain it?

2. If you wasted the first of 52 weeks, when do you intend to start?

3. I read 2 books this week, how about you?

4. I added quality value to my relationship with God this week, what about you?

5. Planning, Praying and agreeing with my wife has never been so beautiful, I honestly just need to do this 52 times.

6. How much did you earn or make in this one week? Multiplying it by 52 should be your lower limits.

7. What’s your goal for week 2? Stop crying over split milk.

You have 52 opportunities this year, they all come in 7 days bundles. If
you use them well your life won’t remain the same. It’s tough to go
solo, but if you keep yourself accountable, you will do well.

Deolu Akinyemi
MD, Avenues To Wealth Limited, Nigeria



Olutaller Akinwole

Olutaller Akinwole

Food Technologist | Transport Manager | Digital Marketing Consultant | Web Developer | Netpreneur | Fashion Entrepreneur and loving Prompt Engineering.


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